Allows tracking by individual; for identifying and reporting on financial activity and balances for which the individual is responsible (e.g., faculty, grad students)

The Assignee worktag is updated daily via an integration with HCM. The data set is based on the following:

  • Must be a current employee (e.g., not a Contingent Worker, not a future-dated hire)
  • Must be an employee in these five companies (UVA, UPG, MC, Wise, SWVHEC)
  • Excludes student workers in these two job families (Undergraduate / Graduate Wage, Work Study)
  • Must have a Computing ID, since this is part of the worktag naming convention
  • Excludes employees with temporary Employee IDs (e.g., excludes "WD" employee IDs since the worktag values are the 9 digit Employee ID)
Functional Area

123456789 (WD ID)